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What to Expect

This is when your file goes from your Loan Officer's hands to the Processing Team. Unique to FAIRWAY, we communicate with you throughout the process. If you have questions, your devoted Processing Team will be able to help you. 717-431-9299

    At the Processing stage, the team gathers everything needed for Underwriting from you, your Realtor, your Home Owners Insurance Agent, the Appraiser, and your Settlement Company. In order:
  • We Lock Your Rate.
  • We order your Appraisal.
  • We ask the Title/Settlement Company to begin your title research, looking for any liens on the property.
  • We request an insurance declaration from your Home Owners Insurance Company.
  • We collect documentation from you that we believe will help your file get through Underwriting as smoothly and quickly as possible.

What We Need From You

Your prompt response will be your best ticket to a swift approval. We may need a few additional documents based on your specific situation, and the faster you can provide what we need, the faster we can submit your file to Underwriting.

At this point you should have decided on a Home Owners Insurance Company. Please follow through with their set-up process. Files are often delayed on their way to Settlement because an Insurance Agency is waiting for payment and application.


  • Call your Processing Team with any questions. 717-431-9299. We love to help.
  • Look forward to the Appraisal. If it comes in at or above the sales price, you've made a good investment. If the Appraisal comes in under the sales price, you or your Realtor may be able to renegotiate the price. Either way, you win.


Don't delay. We just love to be able to announce that 'Clear to Close' with plenty of time to spare.

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